VisiLit needs your help.

VisiLit is in an exciting place at the moment. We have a certain amount of everything but not enough of anything complete. Our day to day is focused on creating a beneficial working product with potential sales lined up in the very near future. We are split between meetings with industry experts, potential customers, mentors et cetera and moving our product development along with our web and desktop applications. Our days our great, with decisions, mistakes, jokes and hard work packed into one!

We are currently a team of four energetic men and women that have an aspiration to improve the theatre industry.

  • Vince is our web developer and is currently working on our “Storyboard Editor”, a show planner and designer tool so producers can easily manage their core technical team and save the company time and money on each of their productions. He has also developed our website.
  • Aisling is our desktop application developer and is finishing up our “Show Controller”, a tool that takes a show and a theatre and merges the lighting designs of each in order to skip the time-consuming steps of a companies “get in” when hiring theatre spaces.
  • Daniel is our commercial man, planning and developing our strategies and maintaining our connection with the world. He is responsible for the ongoing talks with the people who helping us on our way.
  • James is the original idea owner and part time developer, deciding the vision and direction of the company but also working on the ground with the people who will be using and purchasing this product in time to come. He was a technical manager for a number of theatre companies in Dublin, having experience as an engineer, event manager and performer in varying jobs previously.

We are looking for creative people who have some experience but want more. Working for a start up is exciting and rewarding in itself. You have a chance to make your own stamp on a company that is growing exponentially in every day we are together. Once the position becomes long term, congratulations you’re now a manager of an ever expanding team of people in a new and exciting company. There’s no quicker way to climb up the food chain.

Our gaps in the team are a full time sales and marketing associate and software developer. However, we would like to hear from anyone involved in the theatre, design, business development, techie or other area in order to broaden our network of expertise.

We will be exhibiting at DubStarts on Tuesday from 6pm in the Button Factory, Temple Bar, Dublin. It’s a great jobs fair and networking event, well worth the visit for anyone interested in start ups, technology, networking and jobs.