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Terms & Conditions

This HEADS OF AGREEMENT is made on 27th May 2013 between the following parties:
2. The individual PERSON logging in with provided credentials [“P”].
This document outlines an informal non-binding agreement for the purpose of a BETA trial between the parties. The venture will involve the design, development and testing of the software programs and services of VL within the usage of and for P.

Upon success of the trial, VisiLit will continue to provide, develop and service this product for P and other companies for arranged fees:
- A web based application for design and planning productions.

The transactions contemplated by this agreement are subject to the following conditions:
- The parties will have started preparation for setting up a design environment for companies to work within;
- P will supply to VL contact details of venues, companies, designers, managers, technicians and others relevant to the trial's success;
- VL will supply to P the product mentioned above, in the form of the “Virtual Venue” tool.
- VL will service, develop and support the software to a high level of use, in an effort to reduce induction time of P to the product.
- P agree that given the development status of the product, performance and implementation may require time-in-lieu to identify and solve problems.
- VL can use the information gathered from the product's usage in an effort to improve the tools and promote VisiLit’s tools.

- Each of the parties will pay its own costs and expenses in respect of the negotiation, preparation, execution, delivery and registration of the transactions contemplated under this agreement.
- Performance of the software, as per this agreement, should not be depended on for critical tasks and VL will not accept responsibility for any issues within or outside the operation of the product. VL is building the product with the intention of fault free transactions between users and our tools. However, we are still in development and this should be taken into account during operation.

- P agrees to use and operate VL's products and services without re-using, altering, sharing or releasing VL's intellectual property, source code, log in credentials or content to any other party. Doing so will breach copyright and intellectual property laws.