The birth of VisiLit Theatre

VisiLit is a young business, where we are learning every day. We set out to validate our ideas from the industry experts in Ireland, and elsewhere, on an ongoing basis. This has led to us to build a product that has real benefit, because our potential customers told us so. We are proud of our product because it will reduce the effort needed by busy theatre companies to get a show looking spectacular on stage. However, the initial idea came from working in the industry.

My experience in entertainment events allowed me to see the necessary improvements for technology in the theatre industry. As a technical manager, I realised that there was a divide between the artistic and creative aspects of designing a show and technical details putting it on a stage. While working, I found that while the technical stuff is very important to the entire production, it is often overlooked until the end dates or until budgets allow. It is also apparent that the people in the team often know about technical details but choose to opt out.

VisiLit intends on facing the new task of merging the two sides into one design flow. Once an idea is conceived, users should be able to plan and design that into their show. If it involves technical details, the technical designer (if available) should be able to easily include those details immediately on top of this, rather then waiting for other members of the team or attendance of rehearsals. Adding in these details will be done in short simple steps using some of VisiLit’s software to do the technical stuff in the background. Collaboration in these ways allows the team to work efficiently so that a show is organised, visualised and tested before hitting the stage. We intend on creating the digital tool used in theatre worldwide.

Designing and planning of theatre shows is most often done on pen and paper, or in someone’s head. In recent times, some have moved to complex tools that sort out tech plans for you but they take time and are limited in their creative output. We envisage that our customers can plan, design, visualise and collaborate on their show and drive down their costs by using their team’s time more efficiently. If everyone sings of the same hymn sheet, there will be harmony!

This is why we have invested our time and variety of talents in developing this idea in order to help theatre thrive in Ireland and in the rest of the world.