Organise Events. Better.

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Time is money, save both.

Collaborate the efficient way with VisiLit’s browser-based software, as the design team work together in real-time virtually building the event specifications from any location.

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Stop pulling software together

Using multiple, expensive softwares to achieve results? VisiLit consolidates many of the most commonly needed functions needed for events into one simple tool.

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Focus on what counts

VisiLit allows event teams more headspace to focus on what really counts, helping improve the overall efficiency and quality of your events.

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Keeping everyone, including clients, on the same page can be a demanding challenge.VisiLit’s Virtual Venue brings all involved in a production together within a custom 3D virtual environment where one shared vision is built.

Improve Production Cycle

VisiLit’s web based event builder allows an entire team to work together and enable clients to see what they need to see in one simple place online.

Client Communication

Communicating back and forth with clients can be a drag. VisiLit is a single structured medium for feedback, design proofing and progress tracking.

Simple Visualisation

Powerful proposals can be created quickly and sent to clients. Then, reaching deadlines is simpler because the event planning can be continued within the same online software.


With just one tool to work within, stress can be reduced and the need for a myriad of software solutions is eliminated.

Central Work Place

From pitch to completion, all communication can happen through VisiLit. Its online and live collaboration structure means that you’re not hindered by slow, disorganised media such as email, CAD files and so on. Instead everything happens in one place where everyone can get involved in real-time. This includes updates to the shared central idea in 3D.

3D Virtual Venue

All team members involved can access the 3D version of the event online, as it is built and in real-time. Each team role involved has a simple set of custom tools to contribute to the working model of the finished production.

Browser Based

Effective interactive collaboration at its simplest. No downloads, installations or bulky software. VisiLit’s Virtual Venue is built as a web application, accessible directly through


Produce tailored proposals using 3D event visualisation techniques. Add visual impact and engaging content to improve a proposal effectiveness and increase sales.  An easy to use interface means that proposals can be created quickly and conveyed with maximum impact.

Task and team management

Keep on top of everything on the to do list. Need feedback from the Client? Need to contact Audio Visual contractors? Need to get approval from the venue managers? Just add it to the Checklist and they will be notified smartly that their input is needed. Managing teams of people is simple when the process of organising events is centralised.


Documents, images and 3D layouts can be approved by the client either instantly, via an in-virtual-venue collaboration system or in their own time. By adding amendments or requests to the task management feature, clients, contractors and team members will always have a clear indication of jobs to do and changes that have been made.


Measure individual and team efficiency across multiple projects. Produce tangible performance measures adding distinct, proven competitive advantage to proposals and pitches for new business generation.


Tool sets for each team member’s unique job allow the event to be completed efficiently. This inherent communication platform means that the constant back-and-forth of emails can be dramatically reduced. All content and communication is centralised within VisiLit.

Working with contractors

Reduce risk of aditional costs on the day by keeping contractors, team members and the venue up to date with requirements, technical plans and live virtual venue access.

Health and Safety Standards

Avoid complications. We can help to assist health and safety officers input venue specific safety details to the event within the visualisation. This will help all involved in the event to understand implications of health and safety standards on the event’s design, planning and execution.

All files, any format, one place.

Custom graphics, displays or A/V files for the event lives and grows here, complete with a customer feedback system to ensure the event’s content is curated well and gathered quickly and easily.

3D planning

Automated LX/AV Technical Plans

3D Rendering

Client Proofing

Task Management

File Versioning and Sharing

Venue Specific Floor Plans

Venue Specific Health and Safety Implications

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Our flagship product is ready. We are currently rolling it out to a select number of early adopter customers. If you want your company to be one of the first to work with the advantage of Visilit, register now and start using our software!

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