Banner: Check.  Demo: Check.  Sweets: Check.  Yep we are definitely ready for DubStarts.  So for those that don’t know, DubStarts is a recruiting fair for the start-up community to get quick access to the brightest folk out of college.

The queue to get into the Button Factory stretched out onto Dame Street, this was definitely going to be a busy night.

VisiLit pitched its stall and waited for the influx.  It was a pretty slow trickle at first but very quickly it began to pick up.

Once we settled into the process of meeting people and talking to people, it was really nice to hear every-so-often “I saw VisiLit online and thought it looked really cool”.   The range of people there were hugely impressive.  Software Engineers, Designers, Accountants, Sales and Marketing people.  Every profession seemed to be represented.  One of the aspects that struck me was the quality of candidates.  If we had the resources we probably would have hired most of the people we talked to.

It was one of the most intense things that James, Vince or I have done.  By the end of the night we had chatted to hundreds of people.  And were handed plenty of CV’s for us to debate over for the next few days.


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