Dubstarts Tips and Lessons Learned

This was the first jobs fair I have been at where I wasn’t the person looking for the job.  For the first time, I was looking for people to join the team.  There were definitely some things that really stuck out at me though and made me question my own methods when I had attended other fairs.  So here are some of the take away points of information from the fair that really stuck with me.



I could probably give this a blog post on its own, but here are some pointers.
Yes we are a digital startup and yes we all use LinkedIn but please bring a CV with you.  If you don’t have a CV I will probably have forgotten you by the time you send me an email the next day.

On that take a look at your CV, if you are a developer I want to see what languages you are comfortable with.  That should be top of the page; I really shouldn’t have to dissect paragraphs of information to get find it.

If you have worked on an interesting project, I will probably want to see that before seeing what college you go/went to.

Unlike this blog, keep it concise. Two pages max.  If you have more to show us give us a link to your online work.

A business card is not a CV.

And this is a new one to me but it was so useful.  Pictures.  Put your picture on your CV.  It makes it so much easier to remember who you are and what we talked about at the fair.

Pitch Yourself
At DubStarts I did a brief elevator pitch to everyone I met.  Our favourite candidates pitched themselves back to us and importantly asked us questions.  The candidates that really stood out were the people who asked us questions we didn’t really have the answers for, but they did.  That was cool.

I’m probably just as nervous as you are.  And DubStarts isn’t the type of jobs fair where a suit is necessary.

Knowledge is Power
Do your research.  Know something about the company you are talking to, anything.  If you start your conversation with, “So what do you guys do” and then send me an emailing saying you were disappointed when you weren’t invited for an interview, there is probably a correlation there.

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